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GenomeMedicine_Cover3The Current Trends in Genomic Medicine
An Open Access On-Line Journal for Genomics in Clinical Medicine and Health

Editor in Chief: Professor Dhavendra Kumar, MD FRCP FRCPCH FACMG
Consultant in Clinical Genetics/ Cardiovascular Genetics Institute of Cancer and Genetics Cardiff University School of Medicine University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, UK and The Genomic Policy Unit Faculty of Life Sciences and Education The University of South Wales, UK

Research papers and review articles are invited for publication in the ‘Current Trends in Genomic Medicine (CTGM)’, a new genomics journal for advances and developments in all areas of genomic applications in clinical and preventive medicine.

Submissions from any of the following categories are welcome:

  • Genomic applications (for example next generation sequencing) in the diagnosis of chromosomal and Mendelian diseases.
  • Genomic studies in the clinical evaluation of copy number variation, single nucleotide polymorphisms, mitochondrial DNA mutations/ polymorphisms, epigenetics/ epigenomics and RNA interference.
  • Genome wide studies in mapping/ deciphering susceptibility loci for complex medical diseases
  • Genomic studies in susceptibility to and/or protection against microbial diseases including new vaccines and pharmaco-therapeutic advances.
  • Development and/or evaluation of genomics-based new drugs and clinical trials.
  • Evaluation of genomics-based diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.
  • Development of genomics research protocols applicable to clinical and preventive medicine.
  • Development of new laboratory genomic methods for diagnosis and assessment of patient prognosis.
  • Developments in stratified and personalized medicine.
  • Proceedings of hospital grand rounds or clinico-pathological meetings highlighting genomics-evidence based medical practice.
  • Research and developments in any field of genomics with proven or likely implications for medicine, for example, nutrigenomics, toxicogenomics, proteomics, bioinformatics and others.
  • Applications of high-throughput genomic technologies in public health, for example screening for diagnosis and susceptibility to disease.
  • Ethical, social, financial and legal implications of genomics.
  • Socio-cultural aspects of genomic medicine including applications in indigenous and native medical practices and beliefs.
  • Genomics and global health, particularly that of developing countries and under-developed nations. 

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Editorial office:

The Genomic Medicine Foundation (UK) Ltd.
Eliseg House, Druidstone Road
Cardiff, CF3 6XD, UK