CGVM The Cardiovascular Genomic Medicine - A Global Initiative


  • Dhavendra Kumar Bart’s and the London School of Medicine & Dentistry, Queen Mary University of London, UK; The Genomic Medicine Foundation (UK)



cardiovascular medicine, cardiology, genomic medicine, global health, familial heart disease, genomic database, preventive cardiology, genomic public health


Strengths and weaknesses of any scientific development are judged by its translation and applications in real life. Applications in medicine and healthcare are prime examples and conveniently judged and appreciated by millions all over the World. Since the completion of the human genome sequencing, genomic advances in medicine and healthcare have moved ahead with jetting speed. The genomic medicine is no longer a hype but now a realty targeted at specific individual (personalized medicine), at specific molecular disease target (precision medicine), delivered in carefully stratified manner (stratified medicine), and based on the most up to date top class adequately validated evidence (evidence-based medicine).

The cardiovascular genomic medicine is by far one of the best examples of specialist genomic medicine. The field offers fresh opportunity to review and organize management and prevention of wide ranging inherited and familial cardiovascular conditions. By any conservative estimate based on the current incidence and prevalence data, the burden of these disorders is huge in any healthcare settings. In addition to highly sophisticated and specific diagnostic accuracy, applications of genomic and molecular laboratory technologies offer much needed insigh t into basic cellular and molecular pathology underpinning the rare and common cardiovascular conditions. There is urgent need to harmonize protocols and tools for systemic and globally acceptable definitions, criteria and algorithms utilizing the modern computational and bioinformatic software. The need for globally managed and accessible genomic database is not disputed for recording and annotating several hundred gene-specific variants and genomic variants. The new emerging field of cardiovascular genomic medicine requires a concerted and coordinated effort involving the global cohort of like-minded clinical, health, nursing and scientific professionals. The global familial heart challenge (GFHC) is a global initiative aimed at achieving the ambitious globalized cardiovascular genomic medicine.

The GFHC is led by the Genomic Medicine Foundation (UK) and supported by the Global Variome. It has generated wide interest amongst the emerging developing countries including India, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Arab, Southern A frica, Europe and Latin America. The NIH funded ClinVar and ClinGen groups are associated with the powerful and undeniably essential cardiovascular genomic mutation and variants database. The globalization of cardiovascular genomic medicine is with us and needs serious collaboration and cooperation to make it useful to patients, families, and all professionals involved.