Genomics & Synthetic Biology Series UK

In this International Conference latest cutting edge data was presented by a cohort of leading genomics experts from different aspects of research and medical practice. Professor Kumar shared his views on the scope and limitations of next generation genome sequencing in the diagnosis and management of inherited cardiovascular conditions. He highlighted emerging challenges for interpreting complex uncertain genome variants data. He emphasized the need for continued skills development though targeted genomic education.

The Helical Path of Clinical Genetics – Climbing the DNA

The Athena Swan Lecture”, Cardiff University Medical School, 8th November 2018

Professor Kumar received the Athena Swan award and was invited to share his career development and lifetime achievements in clinical genetics & genomics. In his presentation, he highlighted difficulties in career developments particularly establishing in medical genetics and genomics. He emphasized, using few examples from his own collections. He focused on the need for multi-faceted genetic and genomic education, beginning from early stage of medical or scientific career.

Genomics- Population, Medicine and Society

Professor Kumar on behalf of GMF-UK co-organized and participated in this International Conference held in Haifa, Israel from 2-5 October 2018. He organized and led a session dedicated to ‘Genomics and Society and Religion’. Major theme was societal attitudes towards genetic diagnosis and genomic testing. Leaders representing the Jewish, Anglican Church and minority Druze took part in panel discussion. The panel agreed jointly that while faith is important in guiding and supporting every day life challenges, no faith or religion would deny or interfere the scope of potential benefits of any new scientific developments including genomics. It was generally agreed that the awareness and freedom in genomics led health issues would require public and media levels genomic education.