kumarProfessor Dhavendra Kumar
MD, DSc, FRCPI, FRCP, FRCPCH, FACMGConsultant in Clinical Genetics, Institute of Medical Genetics, University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff University School of Medicine, UK; The Visiting Professor, Genomic Policy Unit, Faculty of Life Sciences and Education, the University of South Wales, Pontypridd, South Wales, UK.Professor Kumar’s special interests in clinical genetics include clinical cardiovascular genetics (inherited conditions of heart and blood vessels), genomic medicine and genomic applications in global healthcare.He has authored/edited ‘Genetic disorders of the Indian Subcontinent’, 2004; ‘Genomics and Clinical Medicine’, Oxford, 2008; ‘Principles and Practice of Clinical Cardiovascular Genetics’, Oxford, 2010, ‘Oxford Specialist Handbook on Inherited Cardiac Disease’, 2011, ‘Genomics and Health in the Developing World’, Oxford, 2012; ‘Genomic Medicine- Principles & Practice’, Oxford, 2014; ‘Genomics and Society’, Cambridge (USA), 2015 and ‘Medical Health Genomics’, Cambridge (USA), 2016. He is the founding editor in chief for the new genomics publications- Applied and Translational Genomics, Genomic and Molecular Medicine, Current Trends in Genomic Medicine and Cardiovascular Genetics & Genomics. In addition, he founded 2 genetic/genomics journals (Genomic Medicine & Applied and Translational Genomics) and serves on the editorial board of many other bio-medical journals. He is the Associate Editor(s) of Human Genomics, the official journal for HUGO; Journal of Genetics of the Institute of Science, Bangalore, India and Journal of Translational Medicine of Springer-Nature. He founded and leads the Genomic Medicine Foundation for promoting fellowship and scholarship in genomic medicine and healthcare.

He is passionate for genetics and genomics education and set up the new ‘Diploma in Genomic Medicine and Healthcare’ course at the University of South Wales. He is the Founder/Lead for the ‘Indo-UK Genetic Education Forum promoting genetics/genomics across the Indian subcontinent. He continues to work and engage in discussion and collaboration for raising awareness and promoting genetics/ genomics for improved healthcare and socio-economic benefits in the emerging economies of the developing world.