UK Advisory Group

Terms of Reference

The Advisory Group for the Genomic Medicine Foundation (UK) is convened with the following ‘Conditions
and Terms of Reference’


The overriding aim of the GMF-UK Advisory Group is to work together to achieve the main aim of the Foundation- ‘promotion of genomic applications in medicine, healthcare and socio-economic progress’.

Structure of the Group

  1. Members of the Group are selected on the basis of respective skills in genetic/genomic medicine,
    genetic counselling, genome technology, bio-ethics, social sciences and economics.
  2. The group includes 12 members, including two lay persons to represent public and/or media.
  3. Out of ten professionals, 5 are selected from outside the UK.
  4. Each member is nominated/ selected to serve a minimum period of 3 years.
  5. Any member can only serve for a maximum of 6 years on the Group.

Remit of the Group

  1. To share views and opinion on the Foundation’s fellowship and scholarship programme.
  2. To promote and advise on setting high standards for delivering the global genomic education and training
  3. To advise on the theme and selection of material for Foundation’s publications
  4. To advise or participate in one or more specific projects highlighting the genomic applications in medicine
    and health care.
  5. To advise on Foundation’s efforts for fund raising, for example grant applications, targeting potential
    donors, Gift Aid, and any other resources.
    The Genomic Medicine Foundation (UK)
    Contd. GMF-UK: Advisory Group 2

Membership of the Group

United Kingdom

  1. Professor Sir Munir Pirmohamed, Liverpool, UK (Patron of the Foundation)
  2. Professor Dhavendra Kumar, London/Cardiff, UK (Medical Director/ CEO of the Foundation)
  3. Professor Patricia Munroe, London, UK (WHRI, QMUL)
  4. Professor Clare Morgan, Swansea, Wales, UK
  5. Professor Edward Tobias, Glasgow Scotland, UK


  1. Professor Clara Gaff, Melbourne, Australia
  2. Professor Carmencita Padilla, Manila, Philippines
  3. Dr. T. Thangraj, CCMB & CFDF, Hyderabad, India
  4. Dr. Raj Ramesar, Cape Town, South Africa
  5. Dr. Madhuri Hegde, Perkin Elmer, USA

Lay Members (Subject to confirmation)

  1. Mr. John Jolly, Founder, The Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome Charity, UK (SADS-UK)
  2. Ms. Christine McNamee, Pharmacogenomics and Precision Medicine Support Group, UK

All enquiries toProfessor Dhavendra Kumar
CEO/ Medical Director